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CMS Websystems with mobile applications.

From the totally simple website, till the very complicated databank - we give full individual solutions. Our CMS systems give a graphical admin panel, where you can set up functions, add articles, change details, etc..
With our CMS systems, you can reach hughe amount of datas, over easy graphical surface. All time we using trusty authentication system, what give the most effective safety. Over mobile platform, or simple web access we can set up different level access for different users. With this solutions we can build up your professional database system for you, over computer and mobile access.
We programming native applications for iOS and Android systems. These applications are working together with our websystems, using the same databank. This system give an easy way to set up any news in your webpage over computer, and in the same time automaticly updated your application content. Optionally you can send push notifications for all App users about the refreshing. Your databank content is up-to-date for all mobile App users immediately.
Full alarm system on your smartphone. You can control anywhere. You can watch online streaming anywhere.
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    External devices with smart control technology over pc or smartphone. External devices can be any probes, temperature sensors, switches, displays, etc.. For more details please visit this site.
    With 3D modelling, we can represent anything what you need. References:

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